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Wreath pendant in sterling silver with iris blue pearls and 3 petal flowers


***Made to order**

These Wreath pendants are made to order but all feature similar components. They are hand forged in sterling silver, they have a off centred large 3 petal flower and leaf, with smaller flower details along the edge, and a forged leaf as part of the bail. They also feature 3 to 4 Fresh water Iris blue pearls. As I create the vine wreath pendants the composition may vary according to each pieces needs, just as paintings of a similar themes may vary in each attempt.

Chain length: 45cm chain
Flower size: (L): fits in 14mm circle, (SML): fits in a 6mm circle
Pendant dimensions: (W) +- 40mmx (H) +-50mm
Fresh water pearl size: 5mm