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Trailing daisy ring forged in sterling silver with rainbow patina


This "Trailing daisy ring" is hand forged in sterling silver and finished of with spectacular gradating rainbow patina effect. Each ring is made of a forged vine like shank a prominent main flower and 3 articulated forged flowers trailing of from it, descending in size. The polished highlights of the edge of each flower only serves to accentuate and frame the vivacious blacks, blues, coppers and yellows of the brushed on patina.

Due to the nature of the process each ring will differ slightly from these images as variation occurs in both forging and the brushed patina. Making each piece unique

Flower size: 18mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm
Ring dimensions: (h) 30mm x (l) 20mm (w) 50mm

Custom orders are welcome!

Please note:

• I do keep some rings in my stock but if it is not your ring size allow for 6/8 working days for your ring to be made up once ordered and the allocated time in my terms for postage.

•Please check your ring size before purchasing this ring, this can be given as a letter size given by a jeweller or take an existing ring and measure the inside diameter in mm. Leave this info in your “message to seller”

•Please email me if you would like any other alterations eg; additional flowers or change of finish, as well as more size option are available at various price ranges please contact me for detail and I will give you a quote