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Autumn vine leaf wreath pendant: sterling silver, blackened patina and coral


Dramatic in black with a splash of coral!

This Autumn leaf wreath pendants is made to order but having said that all feature similar components.

They are hand forged in sterling silver, with a curling leaf motif made of double heart leaves and heart leaves, they have 2 small flower dangling to the side and a single flower on the forged vine like bail. The pendant is finished with a blackening patina and 6 coral faceted beads add the dramatic splash of colour.

As I create the Autumn vine leaf wreath pendants the composition may vary according to each pieces needs, just as paintings of a similar themes may vary in each attempt.

Chain length: 45cm chain
Pendant dimensions: (W) +- 35mmx (H) +-60mm
coral beads (x6) size: 3mm

Please allow for 3/5 working days for order to be made before posting.