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Artist statement

Michelle Pujol Jewellery is all designed and manufactured by me.

I draw my inspiration from organic shapes and forms, often combining elements from flowers, leaves and textures of plants to create my own hybrid plant forms in metal.

I have always had an interest in the natural organic world around me, often picking up seed pods on adventures and delighting in new found plants and flowers when I was a child. With my mother an avid gardener and father a homeopath and botanist it is no wonder that I have this fascination for this green and imaginative world.

Through Fine Arts and Jewellery design training I have taken this love and created a range of jewellery that explores space, fluidity and balance, through organically shaped sculptural forms which seem to float on the body. This is done in a range of metals such as silver and gold, with patina effects to “sketch” my ideas into metal.

My jewellery is divided into complex sculptural works which capture the essence of my subject matter, and defused ranges which stem from these original forms but fit a more commercial market.

It is my intention to stimulate the viewer and delight the wearer, appreciating these pieces both on and off the body still maintaining their interest over time, creating an appreciation for organic form and the myriad of secrets that lie within.